San Juan - ruta 100

USD 1.180.000

Campo en Venta en Calingasta, San Juan

USD 1.180.000

  • 50 ha

    50 ha

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  • Ganadería


  • Agricultura



The Farm is located in the Calingasta Valley, in the locality of Hilario, Province of San Juan, 20 kilometers away from Barreal and, approximately, 1500 meters above sea level. There is a direct access to it from the paved Route No. 412, which connects Barreal with Calingasta.

In front of the entry to the farm (on its eastern boundary) there is a relevant touristic point: the El Alcázar Mountain, a multiple-color rocky valley in the Andean foothills, with rock formations sculpted by the wind similar to those of the Valle de la Luna, but rather colorful. To its side and behind, the Andean foothills are magnificently displayed, with its mountains in a wide range of tones of brown, ochre, pink, violet and green, which color-schemes change throughout the day depending on the incidence of sunlight.

That area of the Andean foothills is an ideal place for horse riding or tour visits by car, motorbike or moped, a journey that may reach to the top of the Tontal Mountain (of approximately 4000 meters high), with views to the entire Calingasta Valley, the Aconcagua to the south and the valley of the city of San Juan to the east.

To the opposite direction -to the west- the majestic Andes Mountain Range can be seen, with its highest 6000-meter peaks (such as the Mercedario Mountain and other peaks of similar hight with their ever ending glaciers), that is to say, a mountain range of only 300 meters lower than the Aconcagua, displayed there in a panoramic view from the Farm.

There, trips to the Mercedario glaciers, to the Laguna Blanca or to Hornillas can be made so that, once there, horse-tours can be arranged to enter the Andes-mountain range and spend several nights up to the proximity to the limit with Chile, following the steps of the army of the General San Martin in the colonial days.

For rafting lovers, the Los Patos River offers rapids in a fabulous landscape of sheer red-stone walls, gently flowing afterwards through the entire Calingasta Valley and going along the edge of one of the boundaries of the Farm.

Another great touristic attraction in the area is the El Leoncito National Park, with its mud pampa -as flat as asphalt- plowed by land (car) sailing lovers powered by the furious Zonda wind.

And, in the night, the asteroid observation point offers to know a little more than just stars, as clear as nowhere else due to the lack of light pollution in the area and the scarce clouds in the limpid sky of San Juan.

Delimiting the Farm towards west, the Los Patos riverside is found, which main branch surrounds the Farm in approximately 500 meters.

2) Description of the Farm

2.1. Boundaries, constituting fractions.
As already mentioned, the Farm boundaries are the following: to the east, the route connecting Barreal with Calingasta, and to the west with the Los Patos River, surrounding the Farm with approximately 500 meters of shore.

The Farm is comprised by five fractions that, altogether, form a rectangle of almost 50 hectares.

In the upper part, and close to the route, the old trace of Route No. 412 is found, but it is not used by the public since it leads to anywhere as it does not end in a new trace; nowadays, it is an internal road of the Farm. The Farm has full wire fencing.

2.2 The slopes and their use
From the east boundary (over the route) the Farm expands towards west in a slope until the boundary with the shore of the Los Patos River. There are three differentiated levels:

(a) in the upper part (to the east and bordering the route) the area of dwellings, fruit trees, an ancient grove, the vineyard and part of the alfalfa; this part is a type of balcony with a privileged view over the rest of the Farm which descends to the Los Patos River [Note: this upper part is approximately one third of the Farm];

(b) this is followed towards west by a few meters high ravine, at which foot water flows are originated with the natural forest of willow trees, poplars, blackberries and also palm trees; in addition, in this intermediate area alfalfa is grown in the open fields, apart from the "islands" between the streams arising from natural springs, these "islands" do not have crops but are perfectly weeded out with pasture of bentgrass [Note: this whole area devoted to the alfalfa crop, "islands" and area of water flows constitute approximately another one third of the Farm].

(c) the remaining one third which follows west (up to the Los Patos riverside) is not currently farmed, but which is land fully suitable for farming and, in the past, potato, onion, sweet pepper and other crops were grown.

2.3 Water resources
The following water resources are present in the Farm:

(a) Tap water provided by the OSSE (public utility company) network (a connection from the route).

(b) Water rights for irrigation (Hidraúlica de San Juan) over the canal passing through the Farm equivalent in liters to approximately 10 hectares of crop or more (that will depend on the crop and the frequency of its irrigation).

(c) Springs: in the Farm itself clear underground water flows originate, forming stream beds going through part of the Farm and at which edge forests of willow trees, poplars and blackberries have grown, providing protection against the sun and creating a fresh and different landscape. Water intakes have been constructed (by sprinkler pumps) in the ponds where the flows originate, with them two irrigation reservoirs can be sourced for crops, water which, due to its cleanliness, is also used for domestic use, swimming pool and sprinkler nozzle for irrigation close to the dwellings.

(d) Water Well: located in an underground river in an area close to the flows so that a drilling can be made there (with a possible relevant authorization by the water company Aguas Subterráneas de San Juan).

2.4 Existing crops, plantations
(a) Vineyards: 2 hectares with Syrah fine varietals (approx. 46 %), Malbec (approx. 48 %) and Merlot (approx. 6 %); original plantation of 2009 and partial replanting (to complete clearings) in 2014. Grapes annually harvested are processed in a nearby farm, 5 kilometers away (Alta Bonanza de los Andes) which enologist is also an advisor of Tierra Calma Farm. The resulting wine (traded under the name "Tierra Calma") has been awarded with a "silver medal" at the National Wine Tasting of San Juan Enologists in 2013 and 2014 [Cata Nacional de Enólogos de San Juan].
(b) Olive trees: in the park area neighboring the main house: 25 olive trees of more than 50 years (in production of olives for oil and food).
(c) Chestnuts: 7 huge aged trees (more than 50 years old) in park area (in production).
(d) Apple trees: more than 20 aged apple trees (in production).
(e) Various fruit trees: plum trees, apricot trees, peach trees, quince trees.
(f) Alfalfa: approx. 10 hectares of alfalfa Monarca (in production of bundles for sale at the place).
(g) Park: large park perfectly weeded out (of more than 4 hectares) with fruit trees, olive trees, aged eucalyptus trees, casuarina, willow trees, poplars, sweet pepper and several species (including palm trees).
(h) Natural forest of willow trees and varied trees in the water flows area; an area of pure chañares (Geoffroea decorticans) also.

2.5 Dwellings
(a) House in the entrance with warehouse:
It has a total of approximately 184 square meters divided into two modules:
(i) dwelling house with top quality construction (earthquake resistant structure, concrete beam, brick walls, with external whitewash made with adobe for decorative purposes) fully equipped, with security alarm, electrical heating and also wood-burning stove, great room, kitchen, 1 bathroom, 2 spacious bedrooms, veranda, barbecue grill and wood-fired oven;
(ii) warehouse for tractor and machinery (of like construction conditions) with spacious utility room/warehouse, with kitchen and laundry place, a spacious additional room to be used as a bedroom or warehouse, bathroom).The design of this unit is alluring, thus resulting in a building not merely for storing purposes, but rather a pleasing construction in harmony with the setting.

(b) Main house:
Very comfortable house of approximately 172 square meters with a spacious surrounding veranda, top quality construction with fine decorative details, surrounded by trees, a beautiful view to the park and mountain range, aluminum double glass exterior openings and tilt and turn windows, interior doors made with reclaimed lumber, interior roof made with spruce wood, kitchen counter, bar top and bathrooms made with spruce wood, interior limestone flooring and white flooring in veranda, white travertine floor in sun parlor and swimming pool built with covering in ceramic vitreous tiles (2x12 meter swimming pool), security alarm, electrical heating and big wood-burning stove/chimney, vintage-like wooden ceiling fan. The house is fully furnished with top quality elements and furniture, with a spacious living room and dining room, bar top area, kitchen, two spacious bedrooms with very good en-suite bathrooms; out-door barbecue grill including a wood-fired oven, two water heaters, hydropneumatic tank and room for storing.
(c) Original external whitewash made with adobe (to be recycled): house with 4 rooms.

3) Potential use of the Farm
The Farm is an oasis for those who love nature and tranquility, an individual or family refuge. But it also allows for its farming exploitation, without it affecting the former. In addition to that, and considering its location, its varied internal and surrounding landscape, the quality and comforts in the constructions, the fact of having its own vineyard with a very good wine and the growing hotel industry in vineyards/wineries, an ideal use of this property may be the touristic activity. The place is suitable for the construction of additional modules of dwelling houses and/or guest rooms in different places of the farm. It is worth highlighting that Barreal has a high affluence of foreign and national tourists, with only few first class accommodations. The Tierra Calma Farm may be added to the first class group, but offering something different and broader: the opportunity of a visit/stay in a whole farm (not only in a lodging room) with its own vineyard and wine, features lacking in any other accommodation in the area and that, plus the landscape, make it one of a kind.

La finca se encuentra en el Valle de Calingasta, en la localidad de Hilario, Provincia de San Juan, a 20 km de Barreal y aproximadamente a 1500 metros sobre el nivel del mar. Se accede a la misma directamente desde la ruta pavimentada N° 412 que une Barreal con Calingasta.
Frente al ingreso a la finca (en su límite Este) se encuentra un punto turístico relevante: el cerro Alcázar, un cañadón rocoso precordillerano de múltiples colores, con formaciones esculpidas por el viento similares a las del Valle de la Luna, pero más colorido. A su lado y por detrás se despliega la precordillera en todo su esplendor, con sus montañas en diversos tonos de marrones, ocres, rosados, violáceos y verdes, cuyas tonalidades van cambiando en el transcurrir del día según la incidencia de la luz solar.
La precordillera allí es un lugar ideal para cabalgatas o visitas turísticas en vehículos, travesías que pueden llegar hasta la cima del cerro Tontal (de aproximadamente 4.000 metros de altura), con vistas desde allí a todo el Valle de Calingasta, el Aconcagua al Sur y el valle de la ciudad de San Juan al este.
En dirección opuesta - hacia el oeste- se avista majestuosa la cordillera de los Andes, con sus altas cumbres de más de 6000 metros (tales como el cerro Mercedario y otros varios picos de similar altura con sus glaciares eternos), o sea una cadena montañosa de solo 300 metros menos que el Aconcagua, desplegada allí en vista panorámica desde la finca.
En el lugar se pueden realizar excursiones a los glaciares del Mercedario, a la Laguna Blanca o a Hornillas, para de allí internarse a caballo en la cordillera y pasar varias noches en la misma hasta cerca del límite con Chile, siguiendo los pasos del ejército del General San Martín en la época colonial.
Para los amantes del rafting el río Los Patos ofrece rápidos en un paisaje magnífico de escarpadas paredes de piedra rojiza, fluyendo luego mansamente por todo el Valle de Calingasta y haciendo costa con uno de los límites de la finca.
Otro gran atractivo turístico de la zona es el Parque Nacional El Leoncito con su pampa de barro -plana como el asfalto- surcada por los amantes del carro-velismo impulsados por el impetuoso viento zonda.
Y de noche el observatorio de asteroides ofrece conocer algo más de las estrellas, tan nítidas como en pocos lugares por la falta de contaminación lúminica en la zona y la escasez de nubes en el límpido cielo sanjuanino.
Delimitando la finca hacia el oeste se encuentra la playa del río Los Patos, ya nombrado, cuyo brazo principal bordea la finca en aproximadamente 500 metros

La finca cuenta con los siguientes recursos hídricos:
Agua corriente potable provista por la red de OSSE (conexión desde la ruta).
Derecho de riego (Hidraúlica de San Juan) por canal que pasa por la finca equivalente en litros a aprox. 10 hectáreas de cultivo o más (ello dependerá del cultivo y la intensidad de su riego).
Manantiales: en la finca misma nacen vertientes de cristalinas aguas subterráneas, formando cauces de arroyos que atraviesan parte de la finca y a cuya vera han crecido bosques de sauces, álamos y zarzamoras, dando reparo del sol y creando un paisaje fresco y distinto. Se han construido tomas de agua (por bombas aspersoras) en las lagunas donde nacen las vertientes, con ellas se pueden abastecer 2 reservorios de riego para cultivos, agua que, por su limpieza, también es se utiliza para uso domiciliario, piscina y sistema de riego por toberas cercano a las casas.
Pozo de agua: se ha ubicado un río subterráneo en zona cercana a las vertientes para hacer allí una perforación .

Los cultivos, plantaciones existentes:
Viñedo: 2 hectáreas con varietales finos de Syrah (aprox 46%), Malbec (aprox 48%) y Merlot (aprox. 6%); plantación original del 2009 y replantación parcial (para completar claros) en 2014. Las uvas cosechadas anualmente se procesan en finca cercana a 5 km (Alta Bonanza de los Andes) cuyo enólogo es también asesor de la finca Tierra Calma. El vino resultante (comercializado bajo el nombre "Tierra Calma") ha sido premiado con "medalla de plata" en la Cata Nacional de Enólogos de San Juan 2013, 2014 y 2015

Olivos: en zona de parque aledaño a casa principal se encuentran 25 olivos de de 50 años (en producción de aceitunas para aceite y comestibles).

Castaños: 7 enormes árboles añosos de más de 50 años (uno en la foto al lado de la viña), en producción

Frutales varios: manzanos, ciruelos, damascos, duraznos, membrillos

Alfalfa: aprox. 10 hectáreas de alfalfa monarca (en producción de fardos para la venta en el lugar)

Parque: amplio parque perfectamente desmalezado ( de de 4 hectáreas) con árboles frutales, olivos, añosa arboleda de eucaliptos, casuarinas, sauces, álamos, pimientos y especies varias (inclusive palmeras).

Bosque natural de sauces y árboles varios en zona de vertientes / manantiales; también zona de chañares vírgenes.

Casa principal de 172 m2. cubiertos con amplia galería que la circunda, con vista a la Cordillera y al Cerro Alcazar.
Amplio living comedor con chimenea. 2 dormitorios en suite, área de bar, cocina totalmente instalada, parrilla y horno de barro , solarium, pileta de 2x12 mts. con revestimiento en venecita, depósito.
La casa se encuentra totalmente amoblada con elementos y muebles de primer nivel. Aberturas exteriores de aluminio de doble vidrio y ventanas oscilo - batientes. Puertas interiores en madera de demolición restaurada . Techo interior, mesadas de cocina, bar y baños de pinotea. Pisos calcáreos interiores y de galería blancos. Solarium con travertino blanco.
Alarma. Calefacción eléctrica. Ventiladores de techo simil antiguos de madera. 2 termo tanques. Bomba hidroneumática.

Segunda casa de la finca con galpón para maquinaria.
Consta de un total de aprox 184 metros cuadrados dividido en 2 módulos: casa-habitación con construcción de primera calidad (antisísmica, vigas en hormigón, paredes de ladrillo, revocada exteriormente en adobe con fines estéticos) plenamente equipada, con alarma, calefacción eléctrica y también salamandra, living-comedor, cocina, 1 baño, 2 amplios dormitorios, galería, parrilla y horno de barro.
Galpón para tractor y maquinaria , con amplio lavadero y depósito.

La finca es un oasis para quien ama la naturaleza y la tranquilidad, un remanso individual o familiar. Pero también admite su explotación agropecuaria sin por ello afectar lo primero. Al margen de ello y considerando el lugar en el cual se encuentra, su variado paisaje interno y el circundante, la calidad y comodidades de las construcciones, el contar con un viñedo propio con un muy buen vino y la creciente hotelería en bodegas/viñedos, un destino ideal de esta propiedad puede ser la actividad turística. El lugar da para la construcción de adicionales módulos de casas-habitación y/o cuartos de huéspedes en distintos lugares de la finca. Cabe destacar que Barreal tiene una gran afluencia de turistas extranjeros y nacionales, con pocos lugares para un hospedaje de primer nivel. La finca Tierra Calma podría agregarse a los mismos pero brindando algo distinto y más amplio con la posibilidad de una visita/estancia en toda una finca con viña y vino propio, características que no tiene otro hospedaje en la zona y que por ello - con más su entorno paisajístico- la hacen única.

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San Juan - ruta 100


San Juan - ruta 100

  • Tipo de Campo: Mixto

  • Cant. Hectáreas: 50 ha

  • Ganadería

  • Agricultura

  • Tipo de operación: Venta

  • Precio: USD 1.180.000

Código de aviso: ANZ8552

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